Enterprise Services Planning (ESP)

Delivery of strategic goals depends on fast coordination across your enterprise.

Combining visibility, focus, and data-driven decisions, Enterprise Services Planning
is a complete management system that takes business agility to another level.

Select the 1-day classes that are right for you or take the entire series over 5 days

Five 1-day Classes Available

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modules 1 & 2

modules 2, 3 & 4

modules 2 & 3

modules 4 & 5

Advanced Guidance for Informed Decisions

KPI’s that Count

Every Day Risk Management

class started this morning. So far ahead of other management approaches. This is how you’ll manage for innovation successfully

Steve McGee


Strategic Planning

Fitness for purpose, Organizational Risk and Alignment

ESP module 1 (1 day)


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SwiftKanban ESP

Introducing Swift Kanban ESP edition

Product and Portfolio Management I

Cost of Delay and Business Risk Assessment

ESP module 2 (1 day)


Project Planning and Forecasting

Data, Metrics, and Delivery Risk

ESP module 4 (1 day)


Product and Portfolio Management II

Shaping Demand and Hedging Risk

ESP module 3 (1 day)


Scaling and Managing Dependencies

Achieving Enterprise Alignment and Predictability

ESP module 5 (1 day)



Getting to “pull” at enterprise level: Why is it so hard?

In part 1 of this series I described the incredible benefits that Kanban is providing to organizations around the world. I asserted that far greater gains could be achieved if only Kanban initiatives were fully embraced and moved to a deeper level of “pull” at enterprise scale.

But how do we even know if we are achieving a complete pull system or not?

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Getting to “pull” at enterprise level

On my recent trip to China, I visited several companies with vast and impressive Kanban initiatives. In this 3-part blog series, I will share my realizations about the value of Kanban and the potential to do more, even at enterprise scale. Kanban is Ubiquituous! It’s...

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Defining KPIs in Enterprise Services Planning

All KPIs should be fitness criteria metrics. All KPIs should be recognizable by your customers and addressing aspects of how they evaluate the fitness of your product or service. If your customer doesn't recognize or care about your KPIs then they aren't "key",...

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