Lean Kanban University | David J Anderson School of Management

The David J Anderson School of Management is a Seattle-based training center and global consultancy focused on training managers to make better decisions. Top management professionals such as David J Anderson present the Lean Kanban curriculum including the highest level professional development classes only taught here.  Managers and consultants trained here will be equipped to develop custom solutions for their organization to best balance its opportunity, workload and capability against its attitude to risk.  The result is a more fit for purpose organization with greater business agility and better customer satisfaction.


Lean Kanban University | David J Anderson School of Management

David J Anderson

Chairman, Lean Kanban, Inc.
Pioneer of the use of kanban systems for improved service delivery in creative and knowledge worker businesses. Originator of the Kanban Method and Enterprise Services Planning for improved service delivery, strategy, fitness for purpose, operational management and governance of modern businesses. Management trainer and consultant. Popular conference speaker and presenter. Author of the books, “Lessons in Agile Management”, “Kanban – Successful Evolutionary Change for your Technology Business” and “Agile Management for Software Engineering.”

  • Thought Leadershiip 50%
  • Training & Consulting 30%
  • Strategy 20%

Agnes Sellgren

Event Planner

  • Event Coordination 60%
  • Location Scouting 20%
  • Promotion 20%

Janice Linden-Reed

CEO, Lean Kanban, Inc.
Responsible for developing and managing the professional development programs of Lean Kanban University (LKU) and the Lean Kanban global conference series. Dedicated to assuring the quality of Kanban implementations via education and screening of coaches and trainers, and to standardized kanban training curricula.

  • Operations 30%
  • Marketing 50%
  • Community Development 20%

Inga Lenz

Programs Director

  • LKU Member Administration 30%
  • Class Planning 20%
  • Financial and Office Administration 50%

Wes Harris

General Manager
Manages the operational side of the organization, including logistics, financial, and legal areas of the business. In addition to General Manager, serves as Editor-in-Chief for Lean Kanban University Press, managing publishing activities for current and new titles.

  • Publishing 20%
  • Business Development 30%
  • Financial and Office Administration 50%

Monte Grubb

Sales Manager

  • Client and Partner Interaction 40%
  • Promotion & Outreach 20%
  • Business Development 40%


Lean Kanban University | David J Anderson School of Management

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