The David J Anderson School of Management

This  Seattle-based training center and global consultancy is focused on training managers to make better decisions.Top management professionals such as David J Anderson present the Lean Kanban curriculum including the highest level professional development classes taught only here.

Kanban Coaching Professional Masterclass

Coach Kanban initiatives

to the next level

Train the Trainer

Become an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT)

Teach LKU certified Kanban classes

Alternative Path to Agility

Get control of your work with the Kanban Method

Team Kanban Practitioner: Introductory — 1 day class
Kanban System Design: KMP I — 2 day class
Kanban Management Professional: KMP II — 2 day class

Getting to “pull” at enterprise level: What gets in the way?

In part 1 and part 2 of this blog series, I discussed how organizations benefit from Kanban but leave much value on the table by not embracing its full potential. Making the changes to implement a true enterprise-wide pull system is very possible so what is getting in the way of progress?

Getting to “pull” at enterprise level: Why is it so hard?

In part 1 of this series I described the incredible benefits that Kanban is providing to organizations around the world. I asserted that far greater gains could be achieved if only Kanban initiatives were fully embraced and moved to a deeper level of “pull” at enterprise scale.

But how do we even know if we are achieving a complete pull system or not?

Getting to “pull” at enterprise level

On my recent trip to China, I visited several companies with vast and impressive Kanban initiatives. In this 3-part blog series, I will share my realizations about the value of Kanban and the potential to do more, even at enterprise scale. Kanban is Ubiquituous! It’s...
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