Kanban Leadership Practices

This 2-day class offers an abridged version of the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Masterclass and is specifically designed to augment the 3-day Kanban Maturity Model class. The focus is upon the leadership and cultural tools from the masterclass. You’ll learn to understand “first who, then why”; how to recognize identity and how its many facets are sources of resistance to change. This class focuses upon the psychology, social psychology and sociology of the workplace. You’ll learn how to see social behavior, culture and leadership differently and how to use a collection of analysis tools to provide advice and guidance to leaders wishing to catalyse change as part of an evolutionary change and improvement initiative. The course will cover the community preview of the KMMX Leadership Practices.

2-day Course

Instructor: David J Anderson

Learning objectives

  • Understand “first who, then why” – why identity matters more than purpose in defining behaviour
  • How to identity tribes and informal social groups
  • How to model the identity of individuals and groups
  • How to predict behaviour based upon identity
  • How to analyse and model the social capital, social cohesion, and social innovation of the tribes in your workplace
  • Tools, actions, behaviours and values to modify the sociology and culture in the workplace
  • When to tighten social cohesion to drive change
  • When to loosen social cohesion to give new ideas a chance of adoption
  • How to improve trust and social capital, and how to destroy it
  • Leadership actions that encourage or discourage innovation and experimentation
  • How and when to use Kanban coaching tools such as STATIK, the Kanban Lens, the Kanban Litmus Test, the Agile Decision Filter, and the Lean Decision Filter
  • How to construct your own leadership tools from first principles in order to drive cultural change
  • How to assess leadership maturity
  • Why leadership maturity limits organizational maturity and depth of Kanban implementations
  • How to assess congruent action and alignment of espoused values, and management policies with decisions and actions

Who Should Attend?

This class is intended to complete the educational requirements for the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) credential, for those who have already taken the Kanban Maturity Model class.

This class is generally useful for anyone who wants to coach leaders who must lead cultural change in order to enable new ways of working and improved business results. It is highly recommended for anyone in a position to coach and advise senior leaders on the options, decisions and actions.


There are no specific prerequisites for this class. It is recommended that attendees are familiar with the Kanban Maturity Model. It is recommended that attendees have completed the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential and have attended the Kanban Maturity Model class, or that attendees are already Kanban Coaching Professionals (KCPs) looking for a refresher course, and to boost their skills in cultural assessment and advising on cultural change.

Lean Kanban University® Certification

This class counts as 2 days of education towards the Kanban Coaching Professional credential. To complete the credential additional training totaling 5 days, together with practical field experience, a written essay, and a panel interview are required.

Course Outline

  • Day 1 – Understanding Identity
    • First Who, Then Why
    • V’ger Concept
    • Values
    • History
    • Neuropsychology of change – how change is perceived in the brain
    • Punctuated-Equilibrium and evolutionary change
      • Evolutionary relics
    • Understanding corporate/organizational identities
    • Zombies – the living dead (soulless businesses that lost their identities)
    • Blizzard Sport case study
    • Nemetschek Scia case study
    • Sociology
      • Social capital – how to analyse it, how to recognize its effects on behaviour
      • Social cohesion – how to analyse it, how to recognize its effects on behaviour
      • Social innovation – how to assess liberal versus conservative behaviour, and how it affects behaviour
    • Visotech case study
    • Tupalo case study
  • Day 2 – Leadership Maturity
    • Mapping leadership maturity
    • Exploring existing values, defining new values
    • Managing social/corporate/organizational identity change
      • The level 6 leader & a big J-curve
      • Ephemeral, values-based, broad sense of identity
      • Wiring evolutionary DNA into the fabric of the organization
    • Net-a-porter case study/exercise
    • Using Purpose – creating “Einheit” (unity & alignment)
    • Congruent action – decisions and actions aligned with values and goals
    • Immelman Tribal Assessment and how to use it
      • Focus first on individual security and self-esteem
      • Change perception of tribal security to drive change
    • Social Entropy
    • Leadership Entropy
    • 2nd Law of Thermodynamics as a metaphor
      • How to avoid closed systems where the culture, leadership and effectiveness decay to an unacceptable level
    • Wrap up, reflection
      • “What will you do differently from next Monday?”
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