Kanban Coaching Practices

This 2-day class offers an abridged version of the Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) Masterclass and is specifically designed to augment the 3-day Kanban Maturity Model class. The focus is upon the coaching tools and techniques that can be deployed by Kanban coaches leading significant evolutionary change initiatives with a goal of achieving Maturity Level 2 or Maturity Level 3 at an enterprise scale.
The course will cover the community preview release of the extension to the Kanban Maturity Model known as the KMMX Coaching Practices.

2-day Course

Instructor: David J Anderson

Learning objectives

  • Understand Social Contextual Mapping as a means to see what and how to change
  • Recognize four dimensions of social context as levers and understand tools to shift culture and sociology to enable change
    • Social capital
    • Social cohesion
    • Social innovation
    • Tribal behavior
  • Understand “first who, then why” – why identity matters more than purpose in defining behavior
  • How to identity tribes and informal social groups
  • How to model the identity of individuals and groups
  • How to predict behavior based upon identity
  • How to analyze and model the social capital, social cohesion, and social innovation of the tribes in your workplace
  • Tools, actions, behaviors and values to modify the sociology and culture in the workplace
  • When to tighten social cohesion to drive change
  • How to improve trust and social capital, versus how to undermine it
  • How and when to use Kanban coaching tools such as STATIK, the Kanban Lens, the Kanban Litmus Test
  • Identify the typical barriers and inertia blocking achievement of maturity levels 2, 3 and 4
  • Learn to coach common objections such as “all our demand has a fixed delivery date,” and “all our demand is irrefutable”
  • Learn when and how to implement the service delivery manage (SDM) and service request manager roles with Kanban
  • How to negotiate implementation of Kanban with a broader group of stakeholders after completion of a STATIK workshop

Who Should Attend?

This class is intended to extend the coaching skills of those who have already taken the Kanban Maturity Model class and obtained the Advanced Kanban Management Professional (A-KMP) credential. Together with the KMM it provides the full playbook of current Kanban coaching techniques

This class is generally useful for anyone who wants to coach a Kanban initiative with a goal of achieving Maturity Level 3 using the playbook as map and guide.


If taken together with the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM) class, then the Kanban Management Professional (KMP) credential is required. If taken on its own, then the Advanced Kanban Maturity Model (A-KMP) credential is a prerequisite.

Lean Kanban University® Certification

A certificate of completion is issued. This class counts as 2 days of education towards the Kanban Coaching Professional credential. To complete the credential additional training totaling 5 days, together with practical field experience, a written essay, and a panel interview are required.

Course Outline

Day 1 – Sociology & Resistance to Change

  • Understanding identity and how it relates to willingness or resistance to change
  • Understanding social context
    • Social capital / Trust
    • Social cohesion
    • Social innovation & adaptability
    • Tribal assessment & behavior

Day 2 – Motivating & Implementing Change

  • Traditional designed & managed change, and the J-curve effect
  • Appropriateness of Kanban – contextual assessment
  • STATIK – the systems thinking approach to implementing Kanban
  • Barriers to achieving Maturity Level 2
  • Barriers to achieving Maturity Level 3
  • Coping with Fixed Date Demand
  • Coping with Irrefutable Demand
  • When and how to implement the SDM and SRM roles with Kanban
  • Barriers to Maturity Level 4
  • Kanban Litmus Test
  • Kanban Coaching Philosophy
  • 6 steps of the Change Motivation Escalator
  • Wrap up, reflection
  • “What will you do differently from next Monday?”